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CRAFTED WITH QUALITY: Hand Made from 100% paraffin wax and cotton wicks, these beautiful candles are made to last. The standalone design with its wide base eliminates the need to hold it.
BURST OF LIGHT: Designed for Havdalla use, this should burn for only 5-10 minutes at a time. This tall, elegant AND is the perfect way to escort and farewell the Shabbos queen on Saturday night.
ORNATE DESIGN: Choose from four intricate carvings in 5 different colors to beautify your Havdala experience. Each hand-carved swirl, twist, & fold creates a uniquely stunning shape and catches the eye.
EPITOME OF CLASS: Fancy and very simply gorgeous. Aside from being perfect ceremonial and religious candles, they are beautiful mantelpiece additions. Choose from 4, 6, 8 or 10 inches.
BEST JEWISH GIFT: Visiting the home of friends or family? Looking for a classic Judaic present? Packaged in a gift box, nothing beats the elegance and style of these decorative and impressionable candles.


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